YouTuber builds glitter bomb that farts on unsuspecting package thieves


If you’ve ever had a delivery stolen from the front of your house then you understand the desire for revenge.

That’s exactly the situation YouTuber and former NASA engineer Mark Rober found himself in when a package was swiped from outside of his home. But despite his security cameras catching the thief red-handed, he was told by police that the crime wasn’t worth their time to investigate.

So Rober took matters into his own hands, engineering a package that would shower a future thief with glitter when they opened the package. But while this could have been accomplished with a couple of loaded springs, Rober wanted to be able to film the entire incident as it unfolded. The result is an over-engineered bait package that took six months to develop, and used motion sensors, a GPS tracker, and the combined wide-angle cameras of four mobile phones. It even used fart spray to ensure the thief would throw it away, so that Rober could recover and reuse it.

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Like his other work, which includes giant Super Soakers, self-tracking dart-boards, and techie halloween costumes, Rober’s latest invention is meant primarily as a bit of lighthearted fun. Unfortunately, so-called “porch pirates” have turned into enough of a problem that police have started targeting them in sting operations. Although various solutions such as Amazon Key, have been proposed, the problem is unlikely to go away anytime soon.