Google Home will play music and sound effects when you read Disney storybooks


Google has partnered with Disney to enhance story time reading with the Google Home. Now you can start reading one of Disney’s Little Golden Books out loud and your Google Home device will play music and relevant sound effects along with you.

To use the new feature, just say, “Hey Google, let’s read along with Disney.” Then the Google Home will use voice recognition to sense where you are in the story. If you decide to flip ahead or go backward in the story, say if your kid asks you to repeat a fun part, your Google Home will sense that and switch its music and sounds to reflect where you are. If you pause, perhaps because your kid has a question, the Google Home will play ambient music in the background until you start reading again. (Since the feature depends entirely on voice recognition, if you were to flip a few pages without saying a word, it wouldn’t be able to tell.)

The Disney Read Along feature on Google Home currently supports these books: Moana, Coco, Jack Jack Attack, The Three Little Pigs, Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Mickey Mouse and his Spaceship, Toy Story 3, Peter Pan, and Mickey’s Christmas Carol. The feature is now live.