This homemade literary quote clock is the best way to recycle an old Kindle


Recycling old gadgets is always a good thing, and hardware hacker Jaap Meijers may have come up with the best use for an old Kindle yet: converting it into a clock that (fittingly) tells the time through literary quotations, via Gizmodo. And better yet, unlike many of these types of projects, Meijers has posted full and clear directions for the process if you’d like to try to recreate your own.

The core of the hack is pretty simple; you’ll first need to jailbreak your Kindle, then run it on a custom software Meijers developed to display a different image each minute. The quotes themselves are crowdsourced from The Guardian, which asked its readers to compile the quotes a few years back. That said, there’s no reason why you couldn’t use Meijers’ script to create your own images with different quotes, or even an entirely different style of clock.

Photo: Jaap Meijers / Instructables

The whole project is a pretty clever idea. Since Amazon’s E Ink displays are designed to be low power and are great at showing static text at high resolutions, old Kindles are perfect for a clock that doesn’t need to update much. Meijers also has plenty of ideas he’s apparently working on for future updates, including a built-in light, better power management, and battery warnings.

But even as it is, it’s a neat way to breathe a second life into an old device. (I suppose you could just trade a Kindle in to Amazon toward buying a new one, but this is more creative.)