Spotify hits 83 million paid subscribers


Spotify’s quarterly earnings are in, with the popular music streaming service announcing that it now has 83 million paid Premium subscribers, up from the 70 million number that Spotify hit at its last update in January. Total monthly active users also crossed 180 million last quarter as well.

The continued growth in subscribers is certainly good news for Spotify, which filed to go public earlier this year and is under increased scrutiny of the marketplace as shareholders continue to expect strong growth and, maybe someday, actual profits from the streaming service. By contrast, Apple Music last announced in April that it had passed the 40 million subscriber mark, although according to a report in The Wall Street Journal from February, Apple’s service may be on track to beat out Spotify by the end of the year.

For now, though, the numbers don’t lie, and Spotify seems to be cementing its lead as the biggest subscription music service around, despite the increased competition from Apple.