The Rabbit Charger is a simpler way to integrate chargers into your wall outlets


I like the idea of having extra chargers around my apartment, but I live in a rental unit, so I’m not exactly keen to start replacing the outlets with ones that have USB ports or wireless chargers just yet. However, the Rabbit Charger looks like a pretty good alternative that’s as easy to install as changing a faceplate on a regular outlet.

The Rabbit Charger is a outlet-sized block that plugs into your existing outlet. It covers both plugs, but it replaces one with a passthrough plug, so you’re not losing the whole outlet. In exchange for the other plug, you get a Y-shaped charging hub on top of the device with two charging tips. The clever part is that the entire charging cable is retractable, so you aren’t stuck with an ugly cord in your living room when you’re not using it.

Installation looks pretty simple: just unscrew your old outlet cover, plug in the Rabbit, screw it in, and you’re done. That also makes taking it off when it’s time to move out a more feasible proposition.

Out of the box, the Rabbit Charger comes with two Micro USB and two USB-C charging tips that users can swap in however they’d like. The company also offers swappable MFi-certified Lightning tips for charging iOS devices for $9.95 each. The Rabbit Charger costs $49.95, which isn’t exactly cheap for a pair of phone chargers, but it might be worth it for the more seamless look that it provides.